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Communications Monitoring and Control Systems

Communications systemsMSE-Tetragenics communication monitoring and control products and systems give you the tools to monitor and control microwave, fiber optic, hardwire, satellite, and radio communications. The control and monitoring systems (or CMS) use intelligent remote terminal units to monitor equipment remotely from a central location and allow operators to control specific parameters and setpoints.


The communications products division designs and manufactures data and telecommunications products for government and commercial markets using the latest technologies. In addition to standard off-the-shelf products, we can custom design systems for specialized customer applications.


Powered by the new line of MC3000 Series Masters, you can run the CMS on multiple platforms, use Windows-based database editors, view (and control) your system over your network or over the Internet, and use your own bitmap designs on your screens. And that's just the beginning.


We've expanded ours CMS experience and product line over the years. Today's systems give you tools to monitor and control virtually any type of communications system, such as microwave, fiber optic, hardwire, satellite, and radio.  


Our CMS systems use our intelligent family of Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) that let you monitor and control equipment remotely from a central location. The RTUs are modular in design and contain highly intelligent processing capabilities.


With the CMS family of RTUs, we offer a choice of powerful processing units in varying sizes. Each RTU gives you intelligent monitoring and control capabilities. 

Check out our top quality line of CMS RTUs.



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